What We Believe


Creator: God created all things out of nothing for His distinct purpose - to love Him freely and forever.

His word: The Bible is the inspired truth of God's Spirit, which empowers us to find His desire to draw us closer to Him and being ever relevant in ever changing times

Triune: Within the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit God is the Father.  The Father is diversely distinct in both essence and nature.  


Person: Jesus is Unique in His personage being fully like us but without sin and remaining fully God in submissive obedience to the Father.  

His Work: Jesus came to Earth for ONE purpose - To do what we could not perfectly do, to follow the will of God due to sin.  Jesus offered his sinless life in our place so that we through faith would receive His new life now and forever.

Second Coming:  Jesus is coming again, we don't know when, but we are called to watch for His coming.  When He returns all will see Him and will acknowledge Him as the Lord of all.

Holy Spirit

Accepting Jesus into one's life (which involves thinking, believing and doing) allows for the Holy Spirit to dwell within you.  The Spirit always dwells in us, bur can be held back by sin.  At times God fills a person with the Spirit's presence and power, however He always offers the fruits of the Spirit.


Sin: God initiated our ability to choose freely to love and enjoy Him, but the human decision continues to rebel causing pain and death (Both physical & Spiritual).  This reality shows itself from conception and birth of life.

Grace: We are saved continually under the Grace of Jesus.  Even though our brokenness caused by sin doesn't completely disappear.  Our responsibility is to open our lives and faith to God's presence through the Holy Spirit to bring God's goodness more and more into our lives.

Final Judgment:  At the final judgment everyone will stand before Jesus.  He will distinguish between those who believed and those who did not.